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4 Best Remote Conference Software



1. ezTalks会议

ezTalks Meetings is one of the best remote conference software available for small, medium and large businesses today. With a video conferencing capacity of up to 500 participants, ezTalks Meetings has little competition.

ezTalks Meetings has an advantage of being freely available for large conferences of up to 100 participants. Some of the features offered include HD video, easy screen sharing, recording and playback, full-screen gallery view, HD audio, whiteboarding, mute or unmute, lock or unlock the conference room and more.

ezTalks Meetings mimics real life conference by providing HD face to face video with clear audio. The software also provides live group and private chats to enhance communication during the sharing. Most importantly ezTalks Meetings is available for both desktop and mobile. It works well for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices. This is the ultimate software for both large and small companies that intend to host video conferences.


2. GoToMeeting

This is a middle-level remote conferencing software that works well for most small and micro enterprises. The software has versions for Windows and Mac OS X. With GoToMeeting, businesses can organize meetings from their offices, schedule events, record online meetings and record audio. The software also has an option for VoIP dial. Any member of the remote conference has access to mouse and keyboard control for demonstrations and a virtual white board. The drawback is that the free version of this software only supports up to 3 members per conference. Which means that for those who intend to do larger meetings they will have to upgrade to the premium levels.

GoToMeeting offers quick and easy switching between the types of meeting. The software is available for both desktop and mobile. With mobile and desktop support, GoToMeeting is one software that most businesses can use comfortably for remote conferencing.


3. join.me

join.me is another remote conference software that works perfectly. The software has support for most of the popular operating system, i.e., Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. It also has support for MSOffice which makes sharing of documents easy. Other features include scheduling which is done by Google Calendar or Office 365. One big advantage of join.me is that it is self-sufficient. There is no need for plugin downloaded for conference attendees, hence making it easy to use. join.me allows for teleconferencing when the video is not being recorded.


4. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk是最好的远程会议软件之一,已经在用户中占有一席之地。该软件支持Windows,Mac OS X,iOS以及Android等主流操作系统。该软件提供现成的视频会议和网络研讨会工具ReadyTalk也很容易与Outlook,Marketo和Google日历集成。ReadyTalk可用于规划和安排会议。 




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Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcasting

Webcasting is a linear mode of broadcasting events online using a streaming software. This means of broadcasting is non-interactive because the target audience does not get the chance to engage face to face with the person speaking.

Webcasting is used for a variety of purposes. On a social level, event organizers and promoters use webcasting to broadcast their events in a bid to promote their messages or to entice viewers to attend the event. In the corporate scene, webcasting is used to convey presentations to investors and to help manage investor relations. Webcasting is also used as an e-Learning tool where students can access lectures and tutorials online through streaming sites. Webcasting is also a tool that has recently gained popularity in the advertising sector.

It should be noted that webcasting is not the same as web conferencing. Webcasting has no possibility of interactions between the presenter and the target audience, while web conferencing is an interactive medium. Just like any medium of communication, webcasting has both advantages and disadvantages. Let us review each of them.


Advantages of Webcasting

Cost. Whether you are trying to advertise a product, service or simply trying to share a certain message, webcasting is definitely a more cost effective way to do this. Traditional broadcasting requires the use of satellites that is more expensive to connect to than the streaming platform on the internet. These days several apps on smartphones and other mobile devices give the user the option to live stream on social media and other platforms at simply the cost of your internet service subscription. This is a great benefit of webcasting, because in truth, everyone is always looking for a convenient way to save on costs.

Audience. Because it uses the internet as its platform, webcasting allows the presenter to access a large number of viewers at the same time. Millions of people use the internet in one second and webcasting exposes you to all these internet users. Effectively using the already existing internet traffic is another advantage of webcasting as a communication tool.

Mobile Devices. If you like what you watched on the webcast, you can always save the video on your mobile device and save it for later. Sites such as ezTalks has a catalogue of easy to access webcasts that you can always go back and visit even if you did not catch the live stream. It is less convenient to save and access satellite broadcasts after their first showing or release.

Target Audience. Webcasting has an advantage over print when it comes to the advertising sector. This is because, when you buy a catalogue or a magazine the editor has no way of knowing what captivates your interest. The best they can do is place in their magazine content that seems to be popular within your demographic. This is where the advantage of webcasting comes in. When a consumer is searching for a particular product online can be targeted by a webcast whose concept is based on that specific product.

Disadvantages of Webcasting

Internet Connectivity Disruptions. Webcasting relies solely on the effectiveness of internet connectivity and reliability. If you are in an area that experiences poor internet connection or disruptions in the network, then this mode of communication will not be appropriate or effective because the quality of the cast will be severely compromised. Some of the disruptions that you may experience due to poor connectivity include loss in audio, video distortion and lags in the transmission. The disadvantage of webcasting here is that the internet stands a higher chance of disruptions than satellite broadcasting.

Non-Interactions. This mode of broadcasting is not one that allows for two-way interactions. There is limited engagement between the presenter and the viewer. This means that webcasting is not an appropriate method of interactivity oriented communication. You, as the viewer, do not have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on the same forum. If you need clarification you will have to attend another forum to get this, making it less convenient than a forum that is interactive in real time.

Professional, Audio and Visual Specialist. For higher quality webcasts, you will need to hire professional audio and visual communication specialist who are familiar with the appropriate settings and strategic bandwidth specifications. You will need special cameras, lighting and audio devices which will obviously incur your costs. This extra cost in your budget is a definite disadvantage. For business needs, you may need to seek out professional companies that specialize invideo conferencing and offer the required equipment, such as ezTalks which is a reliable company in the trade.

The Final Word

All in all, we do believe the benefits of webcasting outweigh the disadvantages. It is easier and at the most basic levels, can be done in the comfort of your home.

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What Is a Remote Participant?

A remote participant can be an individual or a group of people or team which is attached to a system operated from a location other than the location of the participant. As per the remote participant definition the location of the remote participant can be within or out of the country where the system is located.

Meaning of remote participation

Remote participation meaning can be understood as a member of a system who wants to attend a meeting held at the main center of the organization without appearing there physically. Such organizations may have their offices at different locations within or out of the country. A remote participant can be part of the remote meetingby using some video conferencing software tool like ezTalks Metings etc.

Tips for becoming a successful remote participant

Business meetings are usually conducted to achieve a particular target since long. But earlier these meetings were conducted in the premises of the organization where most of the participants meet each other face-to-face. However, in today's technologically advanced business world in which companies have expanded their business to various locations within or out of the country and people have started working from home, such meetings cannot be possible unless you use some special technique. The use of internet has made it possible to attend face-to-face meetings even without moving out of your comfort. The remote participants of these meetings have to use video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings etc. that can support audio as well as video chats also. 

Today remote participants can attend these virtual meetings easily and effectively due to the availability of technologies for remote communication. But most of the organizations and remote participants make drastic mistakes during web conferencing even if the operation of these technologies has been considerably simplified since their inception. For this reason, most of such meetings end up with incorrect information, waste of time, loss of clientele and frustration. In fact the remote participants of these virtual meetings have to follow certain sets of rules, etiquette, tricks and tips to make their remote communication more effective. Some of the important rules and etiquette, to be used while using video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings etc. to make remote communication successful, are provided here under for your consideration.

Be ready for the meeting: While attending a virtual meeting the remote participant should remain ready for it. He has to be well groomed and well dressed. He must clear his throat by drinking some water. He must put smile on his face while sitting in front of the web camera.

Keep your desk clean: Keeping your equipment and communication room clean is one the best practices to make video conferencing successful. There should be nothing messy or disorganized between you and the webcam as well as around you which can distract the other participants.

Organize your background: The remote participant should ensure to close the blinds or curtains of the windows behind you so that sunlight may not diminish the quality of video. He must also maintain silence in the communication room to avoid any distraction.

Have agenda of the meeting ahead of time: While attending a video conference meeting the remote participant must perfectly understand the subject matter of the meeting. If the virtual meeting is organized by the remote participant then he must ensure that all the other participants are informed about the subject matter ahead of time.

Be polite to other participants: The remote participant should login his computer few minutes before the time scheduled for the meeting. While starting to address other participants first of all he should introduce himself so that all other participants can know you and address you by name.

Minimize your body movement to the best possible: If you move your body a lot while talking to others then you should minimize is as much as possible while talking in video conference as your movements can distract the participants listening to you.

Make the whole process entertaining: It is very important in virtual meetings that you should always try to have fun and remain relaxed throughout. It the atmosphere of the meeting has taken some serious turn then you can try to lighten it by cracking some jokes so that other can laugh. It will also help you in keeping other participants engaged in the meeting and focused on what you are saying to the best possible level.

Speak flawlessly clear: Before the start of virtual meeting the remote participant should ensure that his audio system and other equipment are well connected so that other participants can hear him clearly. He should also ensure that he should pronounce every word correctly and naturally while speaking in the virtual meetings.


Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up, while using ezTalks Meetings for video conference, one can easily become a successful remote participant.

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What Is Staff Training?

In today's competitive environment everyone has to enhance his/her skills to compete with others. Most of the companies today either want to employ most qualified staff or train their existing staff to make them competent to face the competition, to remain ahead of their competitors. But a question arises what is staff training?

Staff training definition

You can define staff training as the training process of the training of the existing staff of a company that can be beneficial for both, productivity of the company and the growth of the staff. Staff training can be done due to various other reasons also like improvement of performance and overall professional development of the staff. In this way, staff training offers a number of benefits for both the employer as well as the employees.

Benefits of staff training

Make the economy operational: Trained staff can use the resources and equipment in more economic manner by reducing their wastage. It will also reduce the rate of damages and accidents to the equipment and machinery which will ultimately reduce per unit cost of production.

Improve productivity: The productivity and quality of the product can be improved in an organization by employing trained staff instead of untrained staff. The performance of the staff in any field can be I proved with proper training. The output of a business can experience qualitative as well as quantitative boost just by improving the skills of its staff through training program.

Regularity in processes: A staff training program can enable the employees to use standardized methods of working available to them at their workplace. It will also increase the level of their performance more than their expectations.

Lesser control: Well trained staff needs lesser supervision as they become more responsible for their duties. Though the need of supervision cannot be eliminated after training but the need of constant supervision can be reduced to a considerable level.

Systematic use of skills: After attending a formal training program staff members can easily reach the required level of performance without wasting time on observing other or learning things through trial and error methods.

Keeping record of skills: It can be difficult for a company to find out entirely new skills for any project. By providing training to its staff the company can have the record of their skills so that it can use them accordingly, whenever required. Moreover, it is beneficial for the company to select some of the employees from its existing staff and train them rather than employing new skilled employees.

Higher moral level: After getting formal training the level of moral of the employees also increase as now they can support the activities of the organization more efficiently and can be more loyal and cooperative to the organization. A formal training can also reduce the level of complaints, dissatisfaction and absence of the employees.

Introduction of online staff training

According to the definition of staff training, the training should be provided by the company in its premises. Though companies can improve their productivity by improving the skills of their staff but it is not possible in today's globalized economy where companies have their branches dispersed all over the world.

In such condition, many companies have started giving online training to their staff members to improve their potentials. They have started investing in online conferencing software tools or video conferencing tools like ezTalks Meetings etc. for this purpose. By using these software tools, the staff members need not go personally to the training center but join these training programs online. They can get training just by gathering at their local office and get connected with HD quality video conferencing tools to start taking training.

Though various video conferencing software tools are used by many companies these days for training their remotely placed staff but ezTalks Meetings is considered to be the most popular of them all. Main reason of its popularity can be its trendy interface and easy to use features. It can be used ideally for hosting conferences and seminars for the purpose of training remote staff. So, you can use this software anywhere and anytime to start training your staff. Information provided here under will allow you to know how to use ezTalks Meetings for training staff online.

Using ezTalks Meetings for online staff training

ezTalks Meetings offers the options of audio and video conferencing for interacting with the staff seamlessly. This online conferencing tool can be run on any device including Windows, Mac iOS and Android. It allows you to interact with up to 100 staff members for free in a single session. Along with it, this software solution also allows you to use its reminder option to schedule, reschedule and even cancel the online training sessions. It also allows you to use its recording feature to record the entire training session digitally so that it can be used for references in future.

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What Is the Purpose of a Team Meeting?

Working in a team is not always one of the easy things to do. Teams work on a common goal yet from different angles, objectives, and geographic locations. It is, therefore, important to have team meetings so that the team can have an overall view of the progress. Whether at work place, in business or at school, people working in a team should have time to have a conversation with each other as. The meetings are effective in speeding up results of the work to be done and enhancing efficiency. So, what is the purpose of a team meeting? There are various reasons as to why people hold a team meeting.

Purpose of a Team Meeting:

a,Provides a Safe Environment for Sharing

When working on a project, team members need to share information from all angles. Unfortunately, if the methods of sharing are limited to formal documentation such as reports and emails, vital information can be left out. Team meetings give members a safe environment to share information and findings even those that may not have credible prove. When sharing such information, the team opens up doors for more research, cooperation and productivity. The freedom that team members have when they share face to face cannot be ignored for any project.

b,Provides a Platform to Learn the Fears of Team Members

When working with a team, it is important to understand each other. One purpose of team meeting is to provide the ground to understand each other's fears, hopes, and ambitions. The team should share the same ambitions and should be able to solve their troubles unanimously. Without proper team meetings, some team members may be incapacitated on working on various issues. The meeting is a platform to iron out all issues pertaining the team objectives and members responsibilities. This is the best time for asking questions and clearing the air on various issues.

c,Gives Space for Receiving Feedback

Colleagues need to give feedback regularly, however, without a team meeting, the information given may not be holistic. Having a team meeting gives team members a breathing space to get their heads out of work. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to refocus and reflect on their progress. All members have a chance to deliver in-depth reports on their progress and receive reports from their colleagues too. Team meetings are a checkpoint to determine whether the team is on the right course or it has veered off. Members can also get to learn from their colleagues. This is another team meeting purpose.

d,Creates Bonds and Supportive Relationship

Team members can only work well when they have a supportive relationship. Team meetings offer the best opportunity to bond and feel free with each other. In these sessions, colleagues get to help each other and those who need help have a chance to seek for it. When members are stuck at a certain level, it is impossible to have progress without having an all-inclusive meeting. On matters that need research and wide traveling, expenses can be reduced by sourcing from colleagues' findings. When members meet they create an environment for support.

e,Provides an Opportunity for Open Forum

An open forum is important for any organization or team. The team members use this opportunity to air out their frustrations, grievances and give compliments. A good team leader uses this opportunity to listen to colleagues and find a way to enhance team cooperation. The matters discussed during open forums cannot be featured in official reports. It is also during these meetings that team members get opportunities to iron their leadership skills and decision-making skills. The team leaders learn how to manage colleagues and attend to rising issues.

How to Organize a Team Meeting:

Before any team sets to work, they need to have the preliminary meeting first. After the first meeting, the team should have other meetings based on the timeframe of their project or objectives. Organizing for a team meeting may be a difficult task especially when the team members are at different geographical locations. When all members live in a common region, organizing a meeting is as easy as setting a date, venue, and informing the team. However, if colleagues are limited by geographical distances, a remote conferencing software can be used.

The remote conferencing software can be used to have all the team members on board at a specified moment. Using the best remote conferencing tools, team members can enjoy live video chats with each other, live white board presentations and information sharing. ezTalks Meetings is one of the most popular and commonly used remote conferencing software. It offers the team members all the benefits of boardroom meetings regardless of their geographical locations.

The Bottom Line

Team meetings are important and an essential part of building a team and achieving the team's objectives. The meetings are an open opportunity to come together, reflect on progress and help each other. These meetings will help improve the general performance of the team and the productivity of individual members.

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